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What is Debba's Hope 4 Tomorrow?


Debba's Hope 4 Tomorrow was organized in the State of West Virginia on August 5, 2023 with a 3-fold purpose:

  • Raise Understanding of ALS by the General Public

  • Raise Awareness of ALS, resulting in advancements in treatment and, eventually, healing

  • Raise Support for families living with ALS

Two weeks later, Debba's Hope 4 Tomorrow was granted nonprofit status (501c3) by the IRS.  

As Deb's letter mentioned, ALS turned her world upside down.  The truth is, though, that she was (and is) no different than anyone else.  Like Deb, we all may be one day away from a diagnosis that turns our world upside down.

So, like Deb, all of us who volunteer with Debba's Hope 4 Tomorrow want to use the remaining days of health to bring hope that makes a difference in the journeys of others like us.

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